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So Like Leather - Only Better!

Not Even Nature Comes This Close to Perfection.

  • The most leather-like man-made material available
  • Low waste, uniform color and texture


      Waterproof and stain resistant, Ultraleather HP maintains its suppleness and beauty in most demanding environments.

For Recreational Vehicles, Ultraleather HP delivers long lasting, low maintenance elegance for seating and headlining applications.  For boats, yachts and aircraft, its rugged performance characteristics make it the perfect water-proof, stain resistant fabric for wall coverings as well as upholstery and cushions.

Luxurious enough for residental and elite commercial environments yet tough enough to serve as a hygienic barrier in spas and other healthcare applications, Ultraleather HP is the fabric you'll recommend with confidence for the most demanding clients.


Ultraleather HP
54" width

$98.00 yd.



$139.90 yard